El Secretario De Xenofobia: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is best known as the architect of anti-immigration laws across the U.S., and rollbacks on citizens voting rights in Kansas.
 The Feral Senator: State senator Virgil Peck who, during a March 14, 2011 senate hearing, said (when referring to a state program to manage feral hogs) that "If shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a [solution] to our illegal immigration problem." 
 Reject Brownback: After enduring one horror after another, from a draconian tax-cut plan that crippled the state to the  elimination of the Kansas Arts Commission , I came to the conclusion that the governor was powerless to stop the destruction he was wreaking. Like some giant movie monster, he flails around pleading for someone (us) to stop him from doing more damage. This poster became a  news story  when it was taken down from an exhibition at a gallery a block away from the state capitol building. 
 Home(less) on the Range: In an effort to rid Kansas of all who get in their ideological way, Governor Brownback and Secretary of State Kobach have recently set their sights on the Lesser Prairie-Chicken, going so far as to file suit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which has listed the bird as "Threatened" due to its diminishing habitat.
 Godzilla and Tinky Winky: Although known to be mortal enemies, Godzilla and Tinky-Winky team up here to take oncommon foes in the Topeka capitol building.
 One Kansas Governor
  Microburst  (zine distribution box): A printed and  on-line zine  created and distributed by Kansas artists, poets and writers that makes space for voices of dissent at a time of injustice.
 Save Our State
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