Painting in  Vitória at    Escola Municipal Maria Leonor Pereira da Silva .
 Completed mural in  Vitória
  Vitória muralistas!
IMG_6618 - Version 2.JPG
 Working with students at Oi Kabum! in Rio.
 Spraying our stencils in RIo.
 Spraying the Olympic torch relay stencil.  
 Oi Kabum! Olympic icons for strength, improvisation, equality and overcoming.
 Oi Kabum! team.
 On the ponte (bridge) in Agua Branca in  São Paulo .
 Agua Branca design team.
 Painting the ponte mural in Agua Branca.
 Completed mural.
 Agua Branca muralistas!
 The bridge of dreams gets its own makeover!
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