International Women's Strike

In solidarity with the International Women's Strike, here are portraits of two incredible women. CJ Brune, who passed in 2015, was one of the original February Sisters and a lifelong activist who I was lucky to know as a friend and mentor. My mom Pamela, still alive and kicking, is pictured on her soap box fighting, as she has her whole life, for women's rights and social justice.

                                                                    Mom and "CJ" together in 2016

                                                                    Mom and "CJ" together in 2016

Trigger Warning

With the latest news that public hospital may be exempt from having concealed guns in every waiting room, it is imperative that we stop this slide into violent ideology, now.  Students, faculty and staff from KU and across the state have made their voices loud and clear on this issue – They DO NOT want concealed carry on campus.  It's time we support them. Please join others in condemning and stopping this dangerous and irresponsible legislation before it’s too late.  

Frederick Douglass Community Center

Last year I got to work with folks in Toledo, Ohio on a small mural for the Frederick Douglass Community Center.  We chose to include his quote, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." In light of recent events, these words have an added meaning for me today. The broken men are the president and his gang of ignorant scoundrels.